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These samples of selected pages focus on non-fiction titles showing treatment of multiple-level heads, tables, graphs, diary and letter formats, and other variations. Click on either the title page image or title of the work to view the pdf. This is a small sample of my work; more samples are available upon request.

Lewis, Holiness

Imagining Holiness: Classic Hasidic Tales in Modern Times |LEWIS | 484 kb | Minion

Study of Hebrew tales.


Leadership in Disaster: Looking for a future with Global Climate Change | MURPHY |
388 kb | Sabon, Eurostyle

What can be learned from the response to the eastern North American extreme weather event of 1998.


Florence Carlyle: Canadian Painter in the Age of Impressionism |BUTLIN |
580 kb

A biographical discussion of the Canadian painter. Includes colour plates,
b/w photographs.

I Went Down to St. James Infirmary | HARWOOD | 51 pp | 580 kb | Quadraat

The story of a song and what happens when a traditional work becomes a commodity; illustrated. Includes b/w photographs.

melnyk, film in canada
The Young, the Restless, and the Dead: Interviews with Canadian Filmmakers | MELNYK, ed  | 59 pp | 1.4 mb | Utopia, Eurostyle

Interviews with Canadian filmmakers. Illustrated, b/w photographs.

Elder_Harmony and Dissent
Harmony and Dissent: Film and Avant Garde Art Movements in the Early Twentieth Century| ELDER | 108 pp | 508 kb | Minion, Helvetica

Scholarly work on avant garde cinema.

Butling-Rudy interior pdf
Writing In Our Time:Canadian Radical Poetics in English| BUTLING-RUDY | 30 pp | 201 kb | Minion, Helvetica

Extracts of poetry and literary text. Includes photographs and artwork.

Coward, Readings In Eastern Religions

Readings In Eastern Religions | COWARD, et al| 39 pp | 509 kb | Stone Serif, Stone Sans

Sacred texts and commentary; typographically complex.

Gammon, Hemker, Johanna Kraus, Twice Persecuted
Johanna Krause: Twice Persecuted | GAMMON-HEMKER | 23 pg | 1.13 Mb | Quadraat

Memoir with photographs.

Edna Staebler, Food that Really Schmecks

Food That Really Schmecks | STAEBLER | 30 pp | 160 kb | Quadraat


Harold Coward, Hard Choices
Hard Choices: Climate Change In Canada | COWARD | 28 pp | 508 kb | Utopia, Eurostyle

Essays; significant number and variety of graphs and tables.
From Sermon to Commentary: Expounding the Bible in Talmudic Babalonia | SEGAL | 32 pp | 284 kb | Quadraat

Hebrew extracts.
Turner, Canadian Encylopedia of Social Work
Canadian Encylcopedia of Social Work | TURNER | 11 pp | 196 kb | Utopia, Helvetica

Encyclopedia; 7x9, includes tables.
Fleming, War Time Letters
The Wartime Letters of Leslie and Cecil Frost: 1915–1919 | FLEMING | 45 pp | 820 kb | Stone Serif, Stone Sans

Collected letters. Photographs.

Malcolmson, Love and War
Love and War In London: A Woman’s Diary | MALCOLMSON | 37 pp | 441 kb | Poppl Pontifex, Franklin Gothic

Diary; maps, illustrations.
Mariani, My Husband
My Husband | MARAINI | 14 pp | 226 kb | Giovanni, Copperplate, Linoscript

Novel, in parts.
Eglin, Montreal Massacre
The Montreal Massacre: A Story of Membership Categorization Analysis | EGLIN | 46 pp | 467 Kb | Utopia, Helvetica, Times New Roman

Media analysis of event; complex typographic voices.
Cooley, By Word of Mouth
By Word of Mouth: The Poetry of Dennis Cooley | COOLEY | 38 pp | 186 kb| Minion

Series on Canadian poets: Dennis Cooley.
McNab, Walking a Tightrope
Walking a Tightrope: Aboriginal Peoples and Their Representations | LISCHKE, MCNAB, eds| 46 pp | 1.6 mb | Trump Medieval, Amerigo

Essays; graphs, illustrations, photographs.