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Pamela Woodland
778 265-3588

I am an accomplished typographer and graphic arts professional since starting with book typography early in my career.

Using the Alphatype system, I typeset my first books for a number of BC publishers including Pulp Press, Douglas & McIntyre, Talon Books, and Harbour Publishing. I have since worked in most aspects of print production and design, expanding my skills and scope and keeping abreast of the changing technologies.

I have been working almost exclusively on the design and production of book covers and interiors since 2002.

• design and create graphs, maps, and other graphic elements that may be required to complete and complement a text
• scan your continuous tone or
line-art images and make the adjustments necessary for high-quality printing
• use my extensive archive of photographs and image resources to provide the basis for effective and affordable cover solutions. A small selection of my own work can be viewed on flickr
• I have a wide range of text and display fonts to effectively marry type and graphics
• with my extensive background in book and print design and production I can assure that your book is produced to the highest standards — please look at the samples provided

I maintain three backups of work at all times and have a back-up computer to ensure that work is secure, current, and available.

Costs for design and production depend upon length, size, complexity, number of elements, pricing, and, of course, your budget. Let's discuss.

If you have an in-house procedure, please advise me of that. If not, the process begins with your enquiry.

To begin, I will need to know:


• a synopsis of book
• marketing profile / target audience
• a pdf word file of manuscript is helpful
• author's comments, guides, or suggestions
• image availability

• format (paper, perfect bound, hardcover with wrap, etc...)
• trim size / bleed
• number of colours or special considerations (e.g. varnish, emboss)
• paper stock; matte or gloss finish
• your printer's template, if preferred
• other considerations


• trim size / bleed
• word files
• word count/estimated number of pages
• synopsis of text, design direction
• editing requirements
• text breakdown: levels of headings, notes, tables, illustrations, quotes,
  photographs, etc.
• printing method
• paper (weight/colour)

Budget, timeline, and other matters can be addressed upon consultation.

Mac G4 / OS 10.11.6

Indesign CS6
Illustrator CS6
Photoshop CS6
Dreamweaver CS6
MSWord Office, 15.28 — Word and Excel
Acrobat (Pro) 10.1.16
QuarkXpress 2016

Harland Press
Book design and production is what I love to do. When not working for established presses, I, together with Robert Harwood, also publish books for ourselves and others through our Harland Press imprint.

I have also produced several photobooks through Blurb.